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Ruben Rubio Gago


Professional experience

I coordinated the Development Team for more than 4 years. At this time, I have developed professionally in different habits.

I participate in developments and negotiations of engines with the main elevator companies as Schindler Switzerland and Orona. Directly related to the R + D teams and giving them support.

I coordinate the development of new products focused on the most competitive markets, such as optimizing existing ones. In this area I have done from calculations by EMF both electrical and mechanical as Coordinate the follow-up meetings until the installation in plant.

On the other hand, I lead projects supported by the European Community and other national bodies carrying out the management tasks and technical justification thereof. In these projects I coordinate different technological centers like: Tecnalia, MU, Ceit and Ikerlan among the most usual.

I actively participate in the industrialization of new products controlling procedures and designs with different tools such as Amfe, PPAP, … implementation of new processes with design of tools and programming of machines. Design of flows and Layout of different products.

I coordinate different certifications of private organizations with high level of requirements such as the LUL (London Underground Lifts), MCE UK (for wind manufacturing). I have also participated in ISO9001, ISO14001 and CSA certifications for lifting machines.

I make presentations for companies, universities and masters in the field of the style of management as in the technician. I have also participated in different expert forums with Ihobe and CRM in Brussels for the analysis of rare earths and the impact on our markets.

Article in ICEM magazine 2016 “Design of a Permanent Magnet Generator for a Wind Turbine”.

Experiencia profesional

  • Lancor – Motores Eléctricos: 14 años y 7 meses
    – Director técnico e I+D (2016)
    – Técnico de desarrollo electromagnético y mecánico (2010)
    – Mantenimiento eléctrico (2007)
    – Técnico de pruebas finales de motores eléctricos (2005)


  • Máster Energías Renovables (2019)
  • Grado de ingeniería eléctrica
  • sistemas de regulación y control de automáticos (2005)

Proyectos destacados

  • Maquinas asíncronas de alta eficiencia para grúas (EFFICRANE)
  • Motor axial a rueda para VE (WHEELMOT)
  • Generadores de mini eólica hasta 100Kw (ECWIND)
  • Motor de tracción para mini bus (SPAIN 2017)
  • Generador de corriente marina (DISEFMAR)
  • Motores de tracción para movimiento vertical de personas. Ascensores.
  • Actuadores para automoción
  • Bobinados de Hairpin para aplicación especiales de alta densidad de potencia.
  • Moto reductor para E- bike .(FREEBIKE)

Publicaciones y fórums

  • ICEM, Design of a Permanent Magnet Generator for a Wind Turbine (2016)
  • CRM Brussels for the analysis of rare earths and the impact on our markets.

26-28 February