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José Veiga


Previous experience

  • 1996-2002
    Fulfilment of different jobs in the field of conventional construction
    Mainly reinforced concrete structures, roofs…
  • 2002-2006
    Fulfilment of jobs in the field of metal structure construction Frame assembly and other metal elements, assembly of light and heavy structures…

Education and career in

2007 My interest in construction with natural materials started

I combine university studies in Technical Architecture at the Engineering School of Gipuzkoa UPV-EHU with workshops and courses related to Bio-construction.

To highlight some

  • Intensive course in Bio-construction (Permacultura Cantabria)
  • Course on construction with adobe (Medinaterra, Soria)
  • Intensive course in Permaculture (Hazi, Arkaute)
  • Courses on natural coatings with lime mortars, stuccos, tadelakt

I went from theory to practice and through the European Straw Building Association I worked as a volunteer (Woofer) during holidays, taking part in the construction of different homes in southern France and northern Spain, enabling me to learn different techniques (traditional, nevasca, GREB, superadobe, post-and-beam, Timber Frame… providing me with a very positive experience at both an educational and personal level.

  • 2010 I started participating at a professional level in different timber and straw constructions.
  • 2012 Development of the large-format construction system with the “EcoPaja Modules“ and an industrialised manufacturing line for construction based on solid wood as the structural element and compacted plant fibre as the insulating element; with properties that are particularly thermal, acoustic and bioclimatic.
  • 2013 I carry out the construction of the country’s first house (Zamudio) that uses an industrialised system of structural panels made of timber and compacted straw.
  • 2016- present I founded and manage the company EcoPaja Bioconstrucción Modular SL, focusing on the standardisation and ENAC certification of the construction system
  • 2017 I graduated in Technical Architecture at the Engineering School of Gipuzkoa (University of the Basque Country).
  • 2018 I train in the Passivhaus standard, “Certified Passive House Tradesperson” at the COAATBI Official School of Surveyors and technical Architects of Biscay.
  • (Since) 2019 I am studying the Master’s Degree in Bioconstruction at the IEB Instituto Español Baubiologie, habitat biology
  • 2020 I combine my management of Ecopaja with training in BIM and REVIT

26-28 February