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José Manuel Martín


José has been a researcher with the Powder Metallurgy and Laser Advanced Fabrication Group (part of the Materials and Fabrication Division of CEIT-IK4) since 1999 and an “Ad Honorem” Associate Professor at TECNUN (University of Navarra) since 2013. He received his PhD in Industrial Engineering (2003) from the University of Navarra’s Higher Technical School of Engineering. His speciality is in the field of Materials Science and Engineering, working mainly with Powder Metallurgy. He has been working on the production of metal powders by atomisation since 2008. He has participated in 11 research projects with competitive public funding, and on 14 projects funded by companies. He has published 13 articles in journals that are part of the Science Citation Index and presented 36 articles at national and international conferences relating with Powder Metallurgy. He has overseen 6 doctoral theses, and 2 final undergraduate degree projects. Always remaining true to the field of Powder Metallurgy, he has been a Member of the Scientific Committee 9 times and a “Co-Chairman” 11 times at different national and international conferences. He was the coordinator of the H2020 NEOHIRE project, which explored different strategies to mitigate the problem of supplying rare-earth materials in Europe.

26-28 February