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Jaime Zufía


Coordinator of the Efficient and Sustainable Processes department

Degree in Biological Sciences and Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering and Water Management. He has worked previously in England (Eurotunnel Exhibition Centre), in private companies (Delicass, Iberdrola, Tecma) and in the public sector (Bilbao City Council) in the field of the environment and Sustainability. In 1998 he joined the AZTI Technology Centre and since 2012 he is the Coordinator of the Efficient and Sustainable Processes department of AZTI. He has more than 24 years of experience in the management and coordination of projects and initiatives for the improvement of productive efficiency and environmental innovation, mainly for the agri-food chain, the circular economy and sustainability at Basque, state-wide, European and international (Ecuador and Argentina) levels. He is a member of: the Spanish Network of Life Cycle Analysis; the platform for Packaging Sustainability; the Spanish Technological Fishing and Aquaculture Platform; the steering committee of the Basque Strategy against Food Waste; and of the Working Group of Quality, Production and Sustainability of the Food for Life technological platform.

26-28 February