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Gorane Ibarra

Ihobe-Basque Government

Gorane holds an undergraduate degree in Chemistry, specialising in Industrial Chemistry, from the Faculty of Sciences at the University of the Basque Country.

She likewise holds a master in Occupational Health and Safety, specialising in Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Safety and Ergonomics, and Applied Psycho-sociology.

Ihobe, Public Society for Environmental Management of the Basque Government 1999. Since joining Ihobe, she has undertaken work as a project manager in the areas of Green Purchasing, ecodesign and labelling, and environmental information.

She currently undertakes the following tasks at Ihobe:

  • She is the person in charge of the Basque Country’s Green Public Contracting and Procurement Programme, and of its execution as the Technical Secretary.
  • She is also the technical manager for the European Union Ecolabel from her position within the Environmental Management Agency and in support of the competent body: the Basque Government’s Vice-Ministry of Environment.
  • She supports the Basque Ecodesign Center, mainly in relationship with the supply chain and deployment of green private purchasing amongst members.

26-28 February