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Ander Elgorriaga

Ihobe-Basque Government

Responsible for the Ihobe Eco-Innovation Programmes for Basque Industries, which aim to accelerate the consolidation of new circular, sustainable businesses on the global market.

Streamlining, at Ihobe, of knowledge areas related with remanufacturing and advanced repairs (also called “product value retention”), plastics, composites, and rubber, as well as key metals and critical materials.

Networking with more than 150 Basque industries. Makes weekly factory visits under the framework of innovative projects, aiming to verify the design and implementation of new public/private cooperative initiatives.

Networking, amongst others, with the “Regular Meeting on Integrated Product Policy / Sustainable Production and Consumption,” the “European Resource Efficiency Knowledge Centre,” and the “Network of European Environmental Protection Agencies.”

He holds a Undergraduate degree in Microbiology from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, has worked at Ihobe for the last 30 years on environmental planning and on the design, development, and implementation of instruments to generate environmental demand; likewise, he has worked on support programmes and services for small and medium-sized enterprises in relationship with ecodesign, ecoefficiency, and the circular economy.

26-28 February